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Daniel Tara contact at onedesigns.com
Tue Mar 26 00:26:26 UTC 2013

it it were that simple we'd all set up our own online portals with 3 clicks. What you're asking for are very advanced features which I'm sure you won't find in a free theme and also pretty sure you won't find them all bundled in a premium theme for the simple reason that a lot of the features you're asking for are functionality that should be handled by plugins: payment, forum, newsletter. Another reason why you won't find these bundled in a theme is because there are many types of payments, forums and newsletters. You should inform yourself about each feature in particular, decide which implementation type is suitable for you and then look for a solution that fits. I'm under the impression that you have made an uninformed request, without having any preliminary knowledge about the field you are about to enter. In the end you may even reach the conclusion that WordPress would be the most suitable platform for what you're trying to accomplish.


On Mar 26, 2013, at 2:02 AM, Susan Reeve wrote:

> We're looking for a school theme that will allow us to have 
> A school store
> Class registration and payment
> A calendar
> A front page forum 
> Front page blog post links
> Front page newsletter sign-up
> Here is our current site.  If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
> www.onPointTactical
> Thanks.
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