[theme-reviewers] I'd appreciate your feedback

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Wed Mar 13 11:48:31 UTC 2013

on 12/03/2013 16:51 Merci Javier said the following:
> Are there any themes currently in the WP Theme Repo which pass
> accessibility guidelines? Seem to remember a post about such, but can't
> recall which ones. Would appreciate the link/s.

My four *should* comply with everything in 
plus the new theme audit. The best example is probably 
<http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/scrapbook>. I think that's the one 
of mine that Joseph Karr O'Connor tends to quote in his a11y presentations.

The other three need to have their "read more" links tweaked on the next 
update pass:


but, other than that, they should comply.

I've deliberately stayed away from a11y auditing any other themes in the 
Repo thus far as I've never been sure how any comments of mine might be 
received. But if any theme dev would like me to take a look at their 
theme, I'd be happy to oblige (time permitting, of course).


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