[theme-reviewers] Drop-in code library and public namespace

Greg Priday greg at siteorigin.com
Tue Mar 5 07:37:36 UTC 2013

The main issue with renamespacing these sorts of libraries is that a
lot of developers are pulling them directly from GitHub or SVN into
their code. It would be a real pain to renamespace every time you pull
the latest version.

Another common one I've seen is themes dropping in TGM Plugin
Activation. Although TGM PA handles itself well by wrapping it's
classes in if(!class_exists(' .. ')) to prevent conflicts.

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 8:45 AM, Abhik Biswas <abhik at itsabhik.com> wrote:
> As long as I know, themes are *required* to use its name's slug as the
> callback prefixes. Therefore,  if you are using a prefix that's not your
> theme's name slug, might colide with other callbacks. Also, all the callback
> prefixes in a theme should be same and unique. You can not use different
> prefixes in a single theme.
> A veteran reviwer can clarify it better than me.
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