[theme-reviewers] Denied From Commercial List

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 07:25:48 UTC 2013

So, I finally got an answer back regarding this, and was denied despite
meeting all criteria listed here:


The reason was that my theme shop only offers one premium theme. There is
no rhyme or reason to this decision that I can see.

Whether someone offers 1 or 50 premium themes makes little to no difference
to the end-user, who by all reasonable logic, will be picking only one
theme to purchase anyways.

One could argue that by only offering one premium theme could only mean a
better product, documentation, support because of it being so dedicated and

Furthermore, what is the importance of the individual theme shops having a
variety of themes anyways, isn't this the point of the commercial list in
the first place, to give users options of what premium GPL-compatible
themes are out there should they want to go that route?

Considering many of you are also developers or sale your own works and we
also discuss issues of selling themes and a number of other issues besides
always specifically theme review related issues, this list definitely seems
like the most appropriate and relevant place to bring this discussion.

Does anyone agree, anyone else turned down? Is there room for discussion
here or is this hidden criteria to remain forever?

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