[theme-reviewers] Drop-in code library and public namespace

Slobodan Manic slobodan.manic at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 06:22:56 UTC 2013


I submitted a theme (http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/11255), it was
reviewed and not approved because it uses a drop-in library (Theme
Customizer Boilerplate<https://github.com/slobodan/WordPress-Theme-Customizer-Boilerplate>).
It's something I developed, plan to use in other themes as well and hope
others will find useful too.

As reviewer pointed out, because of Customizer Boilerplate, there are two
different prefixes in theme folder, one used by theme's functions (thsp_),
the other one (thsp_cbp_) by Customizer Boilerplate.

Theme Frameworks and Namespacing
states that something like this is allowed when Theme frameworks are
used. In that post Theme framework is defined as "not a stand-alone Theme,
but rather a “drop-in” code library used to facilitate Theme development",
which would be a perfect way to describe Customizer Boilerplate.

So, can I keep Customizer Boilerplate as a drop-in library, with its own
prefixes and all, or do I have to rename its functions so prefix is the
same? Doing that would make maintaining boilerplate and using it in themes
difficult though.



Slobodan Manic
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