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Mario Peshev mario at peshev.net
Sun Mar 3 22:27:34 UTC 2013

add-on: Gmail's "smart labels" (or whatever was the name) activated is also
taking care of this for most newsletters and mailing lists.

Still, if you want to keep track of important discussions and announcements
from theme admins, its getting harder.

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On 3 Mar 2013 22:49, "Otto" <otto at ottodestruct.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 2:12 PM, yulian yordanov <yul.yordanov at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Dear fellow reviewers, these days my email was brimming over with emails
> > from this list, most of them 1 simple sentence. It's too much to follow
> all
> > threads moreover it's weekend.
> > Please, use IRC for short discussions.
> > #wordpress-themes channel on irc.freenode.net or from
> > http://webchat.freenode.net/
> PROTIP for Gmail users (for non-gmail users, why not get a GMail
> account just for subscribing to the lists?):
> Subscribe the GMail account, make a label for the list called
> "theme-reviewers" or similar, then add this as a filter in GMail:
> Matches: list:"<theme-reviewers.lists.wordpress.org>"
> Do this: Skip Inbox, Apply label "theme-reviewers"
> I have a label for all the lists I subscribe to. It's a nice and easy
> way to read them. Additionally, Gmail is good with threading of
> discussions, making it simple.
> -Otto
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