[theme-reviewers] Author URI

Victor Sarabia hello at victorsarabia.com
Sun Mar 3 21:28:29 UTC 2013

Hi, this is just a doubt that came to me after reading some of the comments
to a previous question today.

The issue was that some reviewers were concerned about the Author URI
pointing to a page that only contained contact information.
Currently, I have my domain address "http://victorsarabia.com" set as the
Author URI in my theme.
The thing is that right now, I'm redirecting that domain to my Google Plus

I would like to know if that is considered acceptable or if it would cause
me some trouble in getting my theme approved.

In case it is not considered acceptable what would be the best alternative:
A)  Use the original "Google Plus" URL as the Author URI.
B)  Remove the Author URI for now.
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