[theme-reviewers] Tinymce button that only adds css codes.. still plugin territory?

Daniel Tara contact at onedesigns.com
Sun Mar 3 13:52:42 UTC 2013

There are a number of elements which are considered decisive in the rejection of the theme like incorrect Theme URI, Author URI, credit link, screenshot or license. One of the reasons is that it is considered possible intention of the theme author to circumvent WP.org policy and use the directory as a resource for cheap traffic and the other is that they are elements which can be very easy to notice. That's why they appear in the ticket's content. Themes can be rejected on this criteria even by skipping priorities. A simple san through the list of open tickets and discarding all that do not comply with one of these guidelines and the queue becomes much cleaner. It's also helpful for the author in that he doesn't waste his time in case he doesn't intend changing any of the above.


On Mar 3, 2013, at 3:43 PM, Dane Morgan wrote:

>> that's enough to reject the theme
> Is this the correct attitude from which to approach Theme review? Should it be done from the position of looking for 'enough to reject the theme'?
> I get that the point is to ensure that the themes meet the guidelines, but this almost feels like cheering for failure to me, and I've seen it expressed a number of times on this list.
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