[theme-reviewers] [WordPress Themes] #11388: THEME: WP Opulus - 1.02

Evan Scoboria evan at sheamediaco.com
Sat Mar 2 20:40:35 UTC 2013

Hi Chip,

Thanks for all the feedback. :)

That user guide was nearly as much work as the theme...

All the points you sent are resolved (see notes below), except the display
of blog index on the frontpage. The frontpage does include the latest blog
posts in the bottom left, but the way I have the theme developed doesn't
include the blog index as a frontpage display option.

Re: Change log. All from prior and this version are added. All previous
issues were resolved.

Re: SEO. Removed from new version

Re: Post-content shortcodes. These were not included but I've added a
comparison table in the user guide to outline what is/isn't available in
the free version.

Re: Footer copyright. Now pulls get_bloginfo('name') for default.

Re: Comments display. Removed all theme settings to allow control by core

Re: Upsell. Added comparison table in the user guide.

Will be reloading the new version in a few minutes.

Thanks again!

Evan Scoboria

Shea Media, LLC
evan at sheamediaco.com

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 6:59 PM, WordPress Themes <
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> #11388: THEME: WP Opulus - 1.02
> ----------------------------+---------------------------
> Reporter:  NimbusThemes     |       Owner:  chipbennett
>     Type:  theme            |      Status:  closed
> Priority:  major            |  Resolution:  not-approved
> Keywords:  theme-wp-opulus  |
> ----------------------------+---------------------------
> Changes (by chipbennett):
>  * status:  assigned => closed
>  * resolution:   => not-approved
> Comment:
>  = Required =
>  * Change log does not indicate that all issues noted in the previous
>  ticket were addressed. Can you confirm that all were addressed?
>  * SEO options are Plugin territory
>  * Post-content shortcodes are Plugin territory
>  * It does not appear that the Theme supports display of the blog posts
>  index as the site front page?
>  * Even just as default/placeholder text, the Theme cannot claim copyright
>  for the ''site'' in the footer copyright. Generally, Site Name is used by
>  default here.
>  * Comments display should be controlled by core settings (global and per-
>  post), rather than by a Theme-defined "display comments" setting
>  * Upsell: please list (on the Theme URI, or in the Theme documentation)
>  the differences between the free and commercial versions of the Theme
>  * Please indicate the license of the commercial version of the Theme (as I
>  write this: never mind. Found terms here:
>  http://www.nimbusthemes.com/terms/ )
>  = Notes =
>  * Love the user guide!
>  * Kudos for using `pre_get_posts` to modify main loop query parameters
>  '''This is not a complete review.'''
>  Closing as '''not approved''', but please feel free to ask me any
>  questions here in the comments, and I'll be happy to help.
> --
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