[theme-reviewers] Formal Request for Change of Methodology.

Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) philip at frumph.net
Wed Jun 26 22:25:02 UTC 2013

I think it's time for me to bring out my patented, *let's not be tactful 
anymore* stage.

As nearest as I can tell, Chip introduced as a requirement in this thread 
for 3.5 guidelines reviews:


Quite a number of different posts mainly against, but the whole conversation 
is convoluted with the other issues that are just as significant.  Shawn and 
Sayotan against, not sure about Justin and someone  named kwight who 
basically agrees with everything in every thread that Chip writes.  Several 
times Chip in the thread didn't even bother to read what someone wrote and 
made responses, specifically to Sayontan.  .. shawn makes an excellent point 

"I think we should all shift our paradigm not to content but its content 
usability and consumption, realizing that themes are more that just a 
presentation layer but the UI, disseminating and distributing content. "

shotdown by chip with:

"Shawn, that is a discussion, and a paradigm shift, that is far outside the 
scope of this periodic guidelines review process. Such a shift would 
fundamentally alter the underlying principles of the guidelines, and not 
something that we’re going to consider as part of this exercise."

any and all discussion is shotdown time and time again with Chip's

"if you do feel passionately about the matter, please start a discussion on 
the Theme-Reviewers mail-list, and we can discuss it at length, with all 
interested parties."

Which he writes continuously over and over again, it's as if his own thread 
asking for opinions pretty much negates anyone elses opinion if it doesn't 
match his own.

THEN here's the clincher, instead of listening to the community ...

>SCREECHING HALT<    ..this is a COMMUNITY BASED PROJECT  .. but instead of 
>listening to the community saying "no, not what we want" .. the guideline 
>get's put in place.

Sound familiar?   A certain individual if you read the past transcript has 
time and time again done this.

I would like to see this person not be in the position they are in if they 
continue to abuse the position granted to them;  this is a community run 
volunteer program and without the communities involvement there is only a 
dictatorship with the underlying "it's my way or the highway" "because I 
know what's best for you" situation.

I don't want none of that.

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