[theme-reviewers] Formal Request for Change of Methodology.

Dane Morgan dane at danemorganmedia.com
Wed Jun 26 18:33:33 UTC 2013

On 2013-06-26 12:47, Sayontan Sinha wrote:
>     I agree, however, I disagree that that is what you are doing. You
>     are locking users into your themes when they have no migration
>     path away that allows them to retain their data because they
>     unknowingly typed it into your theme not into WordPress.
> So let me ask you this - what if I were to offer this code as a plugin 
> AND bundled with my theme? This way I am giving a user a migration 
> path, I am offering value-added stuff in my theme for those who don't 
> want to use something else, and I am avoiding breaking sites by 
> yanking the code. Would you consider this acceptable? The WPTRT 
> doesn't find this acceptable either, and that is one of the points 
> Frumph is trying to make.
I wouldn't. No. It just adds a layer of confusion. Put design in themes 
and content generation in plugins.

You can give your theme special hooks for that plugin generated content, 
even deregister it's output and do them up special in your theme, but 
when the user uninstalls the theme all of the content they generated 
while it was installed should still be there available for them to use 
with any theme out of the box.
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