[theme-reviewers] Supporting Repo Child Themes

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Thu Jun 6 15:00:39 UTC 2013

(Also posted to the forum support list)

Generally speaking, when someone wants to make changes to a theme 
downloaded from wordpress.org, we recommend that they create a child 
theme or use a custom CSS plugin to avoid losing their customisations 
when they update the main theme.

However, we're starting to see people using child themes downloaded from 
the Theme Repository and, in some cases, wanting to customise these 
child themes. Assuming that updated child themes in the Repo will 
generate the same update notices in the user's site, what would be the 
best practice suggestion in these cases?

1. Customise the child theme but keep a local backup copy of all changes?

2. Create a new child theme by copying the downloaded child, renaming it 
and then amending the new copy?

3. Something else entirely?


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