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Peter Kakoma kakomap at gmail.com
Thu Jun 6 05:55:20 UTC 2013

A good theme reviewer needs a solid understanding of the way WordPress
works; Knowing PHP,HTML, CSS, JS is one thing, knowing how they gel
together in the WordPress world is something slightly different. Hooks,
filters, template files, plugins, etc

Steps towards attaining that solid understanding come with , at the lowest
level of the pyramid, creating a theme, submitting it for approval and
getting it approved. It is one thing to read through all the rules; it is
another reading through them knowing that the theme you submit is going to
be judged by them. You'll comprehend them better and they'll become

I wanted to review themes because I had a theme to give away; I read the
rules to the dot, created the theme and hit submit. It was rejected; I
realized I hadn't internalized the rules. Re-read the rules over and over
and cleaned-up after myself. Became a reviewer to create better
themes....and to give back to WordPress

On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 5:09 AM, Chip Bennett <chip at chipbennett.net> wrote:

> Actually, I'd be grateful if people *did* reply here on the mail-list. I'd
> love to hear what people have to say. Such honest feedback loops are
> usually the most valuable means of improvement.
> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 8:50 PM, Jose Castaneda <jomcastaneda at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hey ladies and gentlemen,
>> I am in the middle or writing a post on what it takes to become part of
>> the WPTRT and would love to get your feedback. Of course the basic
>> knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are some but would love to hear
>> about not only experiences but what you feel makes a for a good theme
>> reviewer and what made you decide you wanted to review themes.
>> If this is in the wrong place, my apologies, but please don't hesitate to
>> email directly so as not to flood the list with all the replies.
>> Thank in advance,
>> Jose.
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