[theme-reviewers] Webmaster Tools IDs - plugin territory?

Emil Uzelac emil at uzelac.me
Tue Jul 16 01:59:08 UTC 2013

Every single review is pretty much all about the users. Here's an example:

*Themes are required to provide sufficient documentation to explain the use
of any custom features or options.*

Well, this basically never came across, or at least it was barely
noticeable. We can
count on one hand how many authors actually do have sufficient

There are many other things that we should improve, requiring what needs
to be recommended is not one of them.

Going back just few discussions, when we had Theme Forest on the "menu".

One of the biggest differences between WPORG and TF is that WPORG
develops Themes which are meant to be free and TF are nothing but
commercial stuff.

Changing, or better yet finally adding guidelines on TF will less likely
prevent authors from submitting new Themes. On another hand we can
easily discourage our own WPORG authors.

I am positive that this is not a final goal and whoever does not make a
living from WPORG services cannot know better from those who do.

*Yes and thanks, Gmail is acting weird today, it was cut and I am sorry*
*for that.*

On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 8:31 PM, Dane Morgan <dane at danemorganmedia.com>wrote:

> On 2013-07-15 17:38, Emil Uzelac wrote:
>> From Theme Review to User experience is a long journey
>> and should not be part of TRT, because it will never end.
> If we aren't concerned with end user experience, then I am at a loss for
> any reason to review themes at all. Just stick up an upload button and be
> done with it.
> The end user experience is the only reason to have a review process.
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