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Jonathan Marzullo jonathanfever at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 09:22:15 UTC 2013

Thank you for your reply, but I understand that the Appearance menu is the
appropriate place, which was stated in  my question.  But the majority of
themes have their options as top level menu items. Not to mention the fact
that wordpress codex has add_menu_page() as an available method to use. So
I dont see the reason why using add_menu_page() should be Required instead
of Recommended when test results come back. Especially if you need a top
level menu, that will also need to use add_submenu_page() to add submenu
items under that top level menu item. So this way you can group your menu
options together, especially if you have various options and functionality
your offering. It would be impractical to put all your options under the
Appearance Menu, since your restricted to just being a submenu with no
children. And since you could not group your various options in a logical
way making it very confusung to the end user.

Thanks again for any feedback!
 On Jul 6, 2013 3:25 AM, <theme-reviewers-request at lists.wordpress.org>

> Hello,
> I notice that in the *Theme Check* plugin when running tests, it displays that it is *REQUIRED* for *add_theme_page()* to be used in place of *add_menu_page()*.
> Im not understanding why it is not allowed? Since add_menu_page adds a top level menu item, whereas add_theme_page() only adds a submenu under the Appearance
> top level menu. So basically I don't understand why its required instead of recommended, when Wordpress Codex has that method available for wp developers to use?
> Thank you for any help regarding my question! And thank you for such a cool Theme Check plugin tool.. Its very helpful!
> ~ Jonathan
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