[theme-reviewers] Bugs in the Unit Test Data

Gary Jones gary at gamajo.com
Tue Jul 2 08:14:08 UTC 2013

Apologies if this message isn't a direct reply to the existing thread -
I've only just subscribed so have nothing to reply to.

Following up Emil's reply:

1) (Yes, Genesis sample theme does need word-wrap: break-word - already
told Brian Gardner about it :-) )

a broken image with a source of the above working image URL but with ?w=640

(broken image)

(broken image)
Certainly one image is 404, but I'm not sure why the other two failed
to import for me (http://d.pr/i/DMKE).
4) Basically, search for "Author comment".

Comment ID 169 is Alex Shiels (user ID 0, so would never come up as an
author comment AIUI)

Comment ID 903, 910, 915, all Michael Novotny (user ID 24783058) yet
his email doesn't match up to any of the four wp_authors, so it would
never have a chance of being an author comment, even before someone
might import the content under their own existing user name.

5) Another oddity (not verified by Devin as I've only just remembered
it) is the Markup: Text Alignment post. This tests left, centre, right
and justified text, but the post contains paragraph elements with
style attributes that explicitly set the text alignment, so assuming
any sort of CSS is enabled, this will always pass without testing the
styles from the active theme.

AIUI, there's no existing common name classes for aligning text
(.align* tend to be for images and block elements?), as ideally, the
paragraphs would just have those classes instead. Alternatively,
text-left, text-center, text-right and text-justify would be sensible
default classes and let the theme apply rules for that class instead.


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