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Kavita Kumawat erkavecb at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 09:53:58 UTC 2013


I am new to theme review, I have finished the one below. How can I get more
tickets or if I can assign it myself.

username- erkav


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Subject: Re: [WordPress Themes] #12730: THEME: Orangy - 1.2

#12730: THEME: Orangy - 1.2
Reporter:  naglaa.raslan@…                       |       Owner:  erkav
    Type:  theme                                 |      Status:  reviewing
Priority:  new theme                             |  Resolution:
Keywords:  theme-orangy child-theme, parent-     |
  twentytwelve                                   |
Changes (by esmi):

 * keywords:  theme-orangy, child-theme, parent-twentytwelve => theme-orangy
     child-theme, parent-twentytwelve
 * owner:   => erkav
 * status:  new => reviewing

Ticket URL: <http://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12730#comment:1>
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