[theme-reviewers] Clarification of Theme Naming Rules

yulian yordanov yul.yordanov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 23:32:05 UTC 2013

Tricky situation. In general all themes have to have unique names, but 
in a list of several hundred (or thousand) themes in WP repo I'm not 
sure if such check might be done by human. We'll need a some kind of 
automated filter.


On 31.1.2013 ?. 01:03 ?., Stuart Wider wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I note that in the theme review guidelines that is says...
> "Themes are *not* to use related Theme names (e.g. /WP Twenty Eleven/, 
> /Twenty Eleven WP/, /The Twenty Eleven/, etc.) in their name"
> Does this mean that if a theme on the repository already has used a 
> particular word in its name that it cannot be used in another themes name?
> Lets take Emil's theme for example.. The word 'Responsive' is a common 
> usage word.
> Does the rule above intend that no other theme could use a common 
> usage word such as 'Responsive' in their title, and that Responsive 
> theme itself has the only rights to use that word in a title, on first 
> come first served basis?
> Here's some quick made up examples of what I mean...
> Super Responsive
> Mobile Responsive
> Responsive to the Max
> Would those pass as theme names with the above rule? or not allowed?
> If those names were not allowed then it would follow that if I decided 
> to release a theme called 'Mobile' then no one else would be able to 
> name their theme with the word 'Mobile' in it eg. Ultra Mobile, Mobile 
> Plus, Mega Mobile.
> To sum up...
> I'm seeking clarification on whether common usage words can be 
> included in new theme name, even if an existing theme uses the common 
> usage word.
> Its an interesting conundrum ;)
> Many Thanks,
> Stuart
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