[theme-reviewers] [audio] shortcode

Thomas Scholz thomas.scholz at gmail.com
Mon Jan 14 00:09:40 UTC 2013

Justin Tadlock,

> Isn't SoundCloud embed support built in now?  We should use that.

Do you have an example?

How can I know the blog isn’t using some plugin for that?

> I think the [audio] shortcode is something used on wordpress.com.

Then it should not be part of the regular test data, right? Unresolved  
shortcodes are broken content.

Even a workaround like …

add_action( 'the_post', function( $post ) {
	FALSE !== stripos( $post->post_content, '[audio' )
	&& empty ( $GLOBALS['shortcode_tags']['audio'] )
	&& add_shortcode( 'audio', '__return_false' );

… wouldn’t help much, because the post content is:


Louis Blues</a>

Audio shortcode:


And if the next version contains [slide] we start all over.


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