[theme-reviewers] Are the rules same for everyone?

Gazpo Themes themes at gazpo.com
Mon Feb 25 12:42:53 UTC 2013

I'm very interested to know about the rules for naming the theme.

A few months ago I submitted my theme with name 'Max Responsive Magazine'.
It was rejected right away by emiluzelac with following message:

Themes are not to use related Theme names (e.g. WP Twenty Eleven, Twenty
Eleven WP, The Twenty Eleven, etc.) in their name.

This was very surprising to me because 'Responsive' is a very generic term,
but anyway, I had to remove the word 'Responsive' from it. Here's ticket:

I already have a theme called 'Silver Orchid', (both are very general
words), does it mean you guys should not allow any theme using any of these
words? I see a recently approved theme with name 'Silver Blue'?
Not only the above mentioned theme, but there are some other examples where
theme names have common words in theme.

Therefore I'm very interested to know if no one can ever use the term
'Responsive' in the theme name?

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