[theme-reviewers] Safeguards

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Sun Feb 17 16:40:37 UTC 2013

I think the rule should only apply to newly submitted themes, like I said,
once a theme is established, some more organized "at it all the time"
reviewers keep track and review new versions of themes they first reviewed
as soon as they get the email notice.

Which also depends on the theme author giving them a heads up by posted a
notice on the old ticket of the new one. Freely available to all, but most
authors don't know or don't bother to do this.

But, back to NEW themes getting approved within a week. That seems like
point blank, caught red-handed, dead to rights favoritism to me. I can't
even see new reviewers accidentally reviewing these, are they playing
Russian Roulette, how would they naturally end up on that theme unless
purposefully seeking it out?

The only benefit of the doubt I see is that some people read right to left
or bottom to top or perhaps they've somehow decided the best methodology is
to review newest themes first.

In which case, maybe a guideline about doing your best to try and review in
order of highest queue rank and oldest submissions first. Naturally, there
has to be some leeway of course. Like taking a test, if one question's too
difficult, move onto the next. Especially with experimental themes,
obviously there needs to be slack on skipping some themes in the queue, but
go on to the next in the queue, don't jump to the end or middle or whatever
as a general rule of courtesy.
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