[theme-reviewers] Class names not in quotes, code indentation

Alex Watson alex at alexwatson.co.uk
Sun Feb 17 10:39:00 UTC 2013

Hi all 

I'm reviewing a theme where on the whole they don't use quotes for class/ID's - <div id=main> for example. This is fine, as far as I'm aware, but on some pages they have mixed this with class names that do use quotes <h3 class="green"> for example. Now I know none of this will stop their theme passing the review, but should I recommend that they keep things consistent and stick to one or the other?

Secondly, their code indentation isn't great. In fact on some pages its completely awful. Again this doesn't matter, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing code myself, and seeing badly indented code really bugs me! It also makes it harder to read the code.

What do the rest of you do when you encounter either of the above? Just let it slide because it doesn't affect how the theme functions?

Many thanks


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