[theme-reviewers] Author website advertises themeforest

Srini srinig112 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 17:54:22 UTC 2013

GPL-issues completely aside for a moment, while the content of the
> page at Author URI does matter (personal or professional site for the
> author, not spammy, etc), I don't think we should look too far into
> where they're linking to or where they choose to sell their other
> works.
> My main concern is for the theme in our directory. It needs to be
> licensed correctly, and the links in it need to be both appropriate
> and not spammy. Beyond that, we're asking too much for them to drink
> the entire glass of kool-aid, and drawing that line in the sand
> slightly too deep there, I think.
> -Otto

Pretty common sense this.

So what's the official position? We shall make sure themes hosted in the
directory, and any extended versions of it must be fully GPL licensed, and
beyond that not look too much into other themes or links in the author
website that's unrelated to the WP theme directory? (Of course we shall
make sure their site is personal or professional, not spammy, etc.)
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