[theme-reviewers] Sub-menu depth requirements

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 13:24:53 UTC 2013

Oh no, plenty of users will try and go more than 3 levels deep and then
blame the theme for being inadequate. Users will try to add sparkles and
ponies to their theme and blame you for not having a sparkles and ponies
feature built-in (you know, because everyone wants that and if you don't
add that feature they'll tell the world just how awful you and your theme

Whenever you have a user-base (in anything) expect to take all kinds of
bizarre abuse. The only difference is those that are willing to educate
their users and those who aren't. Is it even required to support one
dropdown level as long as he explains in the read me that it doesn't?

The point is that if you only add 0-2 dropdown levels you're constantly
going to have to explain to users/customers why it doesn't support more.
They won't even see this as a "design choice". Psychologically, they'll
just see the theme as broken because it doesn't do what they want, probably
even give it a low rating because of some trivial thing that didn't meet
their exact specification.

Pessimist? Nope, realist. Welcome to WordPress.
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