[theme-reviewers] Need input from all ( if posssible )

Jose Castaneda jomcastaneda at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 23:57:14 UTC 2013

Hey guys and gals,

Some time ago I asked what you felt makes for a good theme reviewer. Some
things of course included WP knowledge and coding chops. I know I don't do
as many reviews as I used to but when I do I feel like I could improve the
experience not only for myself but for the developer.

As of late there have been a few more people added to the reviewer list and
I think it's awesome to see more people wanting to help. :)

I would love to hear tips, advice from some of the more experienced
reviewers as well as new as to what you think makes for a good theme
review. What process do you use, what steps do you take, what things do you
look for?

Please share even if it's something simple as I use X-plugin or I really
like how _name_ does reviews.

I know for me when I assign myself a theme one of the first things I do is
look through the SVN link files and make sure there are no custom-anything
that could be lost when switching a theme. That does include widgets,
meta-data, meta_*, CPT and what not. A good portion of the time I do use a
localhost setup but try my best to use my domain to test. I do use some
custom posts for video, audio and images but for the rest it's the TUT.
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