[theme-reviewers] help with file operations

Bass Jobsen bass at w3masters.nl
Fri Dec 20 08:27:36 UTC 2013


I struggle with the wp_filesystem call for a while. I describe my problems
on SO (
but didn't get the right response till now.
I wonder if someone on this list will be able to point my in the right
direction. @otto helped me a lot to answer my previous question.

The problem in summary: I want my theme save dynamic CSS (compiled with
LESS) to the server. The savest way to do this seems to use / call
wp_filesystem. Get credentials for the wp_filesystem requires a URL. This
url is not available in some situations.

The only solution i found till now is storing the credentials in a session.
I wonder if this will not add new security problems.

Thanks for your attention. I'm looking forward to your answers.

Best regards,

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