[theme-reviewers] New Theme Check for 3.8

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Thu Dec 12 15:57:24 UTC 2013

So with a new release of WordPress comes a new Theme Check.

We haven't updated Theme Check in some time (lazy slackers, I know), and
this one is a relatively minor change for the new tags, but it's also a
relatively major change for international users.

One thing I found was that Theme Check was using the wrong textdomain
(oops!) and that pretty much all of the translatable strings were
doing-it-wrong as well (double oops!). So I've updated pretty much every
string in the plugin to properly use the I18N functions correctly, leading
to better and more translatable strings.

This means two things:
1. A lot of the strings no longer contain unnecessary HTML, so translators
should have an easier time of it.
2. All the previous translation files we had (only 5 of them) are now
completely invalid.

So if you were using one of those translation files, then I'm very sorry,
but they're gone now. However, there's a new theme-check.pot file in the
plugin which you can use to make new and better translations.

Pretty soon, I'm going to try to get theme-check into the GlotPress install
that we use for core translations. I don't know how this works yet,
exactly, so it probably won't happen until after Xmas. But then the plugin
will be able to use the language pack system, and we'll be able to have
proper translations for it. This is a ways off though, so if you have a
translation you want to send to me, I'll put it in the plugin directly for

Note: I am not perfect, and may have made a mistake or two with the new
translatable strings. After all, there were an awful lot of them. Just let
me know and I'll correct them. :)

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