[theme-reviewers] My theme please change or remove

Swagata Das swagata_das at siteobtain.com
Sat Dec 7 17:09:29 UTC 2013

Why are you not using the old account of yours? If you have forgot your account password your can obviously retrieve it by using Forgot Password option. Because I don't think this is possible. Though only admins can answer that. Moreover you should prove that both account belongs to you.

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Dear theme review team,

At first please forgive me about my bad english
Here my profile:

I have 7 themes that I did not notice. I now work full-largest IT company in
Indonesia and create a web design service in Indonesia.

Can all of my themes in the transfer to this account:

If that is not possible please delete my account (amdhas) and all my themes
at wordpress.org.

I wish all of my themes can be transferred to pahlawanweb.
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