[theme-reviewers] How do we get more themes

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Wed Aug 28 10:51:28 UTC 2013

on 28/08/2013 04:51 myazalea said the following:
> Ive not looked at it since july but I know then for example there was
> no copyright and you cant have a gpl license without a copyright
> statement *nags*. I will return after looking through my tickets but
> there were some issues with the plugin action hooks aswell.

The copy I have includes a License and License Url tag but that is a 
version I'm building on for my own use, so it's possible that I added 
them early on and then forgot about.

I can always pass any outstanding issues re _s onto Konstantin. From 
what I understand, the _s team are pretty keen to ensure that this theme 
does The Right Thing(tm) in as many respects as possible.


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