[theme-reviewers] Tags and description.

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Tue Aug 27 11:13:31 UTC 2013

Been away for a few days and only just catching up...

on 23/08/2013 20:08 Srikanth Koneru said the following:
> Yes, so :
> Responsive, E-Commerce, Business, Portfolio, News/Magazine, Video,
> Accessibility.

> On Sat, Aug 24, 2013 at 12:35 AM, Emil Uzelac<emil at uzelac.me>  wrote:
>> >accessibility

Hang on a minute! What's "Accessibility" supposed to mean? That a theme 
will support the creation of an accessible site? Isn't that what the 
"accessibility-ready" tag is for?


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