[theme-reviewers] Theme requirements for adaptive vs. responsive themes

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 22:07:14 UTC 2013

It certainly could be a plugin - and maybe I'll just put one together - I
have all the pieces just sitting there to do it in a very short time. I
think it could even include the ability to load or not load specific
scripts based on the device. Could indeed be very nice and add adaptive
elements to any responsive theme.

But I was just trying to use that shortcode as an example. It just seems
that a very large part of an mobile-adaptive theme vs. a mobile-responsive
theme involves deciding on how to rearrange and hide/show specific content.
I would assume a site designer who picked an adaptive theme over a
responsive time just might want more control, via the theme, of just what
specific content is or is not displayed, and that capability could be and
integral part of an adaptive theme (probably in much more clever ways than
my own theme allows). I think it would be good to allow a little more
flexibility specifically for creative adaptive themes designs in the way
they select the content to be displayed.

Bruce Wampler

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 3:29 PM, Justin Tadlock <justin at justintadlock.com>wrote:

>  It sounds like you're venturing into plugin territory there.  If a user
> wants a mechanism for displaying or not displaying specific pieces of
> content based on screen size or some other factor, that's probably best
> left to plugins.  I actually think that might be a pretty cool plugin to
> see.
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