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Ayman Al Zarrad aymanalzarrad at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 22 13:57:43 UTC 2013

Good point... I agree

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Good morning, reviewers,

I've noticed a few times now that reviewers have required Theme developers not to use 'comment_form_before' as the action into which to hook the callback to enqueue 'comment-reply'.

Hooking into 'comment_form_before' is perfectly fine - and in fact, using it actually eliminates one of the conditionals normally used, comments_open(), since the 'comment_form_before' action will never fire if comments are closed.

In general, WordPress will throw a _doing_it_wrong() if someone is attempting to call wp_enqueue_script() at an incorrect action. So, if you're not getting a _doing_it_wrong(), then please double-check before requiring the developer to change the action being used.


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