[theme-reviewers] InBuilt options for SEO in theme

Rohit Tripathi rohitink at live.com
Sat Aug 10 07:11:28 UTC 2013

I am Reviewing a theme, which has inbuilt options for SEO, for each post. Something similar to AIO-seo-pack or other SEO plugins. But, that option is disabled in the theme, and it says "To Enable SEO settings, Upgrade to Pro". 
Secondly, the theme uses a Custom Post type for addition of Slides. There is also another Custom Post Type named "Projects", which works very similar to the basic post type. But these are enabled in the theme, and the user can use them.
I read here: http://make.wordpress.org/themes/guidelines/guidelines-plugin-territory/ that both of the above is not allowed. 
But, since SEO Options, although present are disabled. So, should I ask the theme author to remove both of the above from the theme or just the Custom Post Types.
This is in Regard to this theme: #13799.
Thank YouRohit Tripathi - rohitink.com 		 	   		  
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