[theme-reviewers] Problems with themes being uploaded

Otto otto at ottodestruct.com
Tue Aug 6 00:45:43 UTC 2013

Howdy, Theme Reviewers!

Just a reminder: When you run across a problem which seems inherent to
the system (like a bad upload), then please do me a favor.. stop, copy
me on the ticket (cc Otto42), and tell the submitter to email me the
ZIP file that they tried to upload directly. I don't mind getting
emails or big ZIP files sent to me. Fixing wp.org problems is my job.

Recently this happened with a couple of themes where everything seemed
to work, except that the theme was missing from the themes.svn area.
Just re-uploading won't usually fix this problem, I need to take a
look and see what the root cause was, in case something broke badly.
In this case, it was actually no big deal, but fixing it sometimes
might require a little manual intervention. Trying to DIY it with
re-uploads and such makes my task more difficult.

Sorry for the problems and/or delays (hey, it's been a busy couple of
weekends), but please let us solve any system issues. Saves me a bunch
of time. Thanks! :D


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