[theme-reviewers] Resolution: not-approved for highly erroneous themes

Harish me at harishchouhan.com
Mon Aug 5 20:51:56 UTC 2013



You are right in marking it as Not-Approved. Once the user resubmits it's up
to you review it before others. 


The guidelines are very clear and if the theme author did not fix issues
raised by earlier reviewer than its his fault. 






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I was recently assigned a theme, which was previously reviewed by another


This was the ticket.




I was able to find way too many errors and problems in the theme. Secondly,
the author wasn't fixing all the issues from the previous versions, and was
uploading new versions. Here was my review:




Since, there were too many problems in the theme, so i decided to set the
resolution as not-approved. Was I right on my part, or should I have left
the theme as reviewing and waited for the author to fix all the issues i
listed. Or is this decision is up to the reviewer?


I need guidance here, as I am new to the process.


Thank You.

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