[theme-reviewers] No post title should be possible... need some feedback

Sven Lehnert mail at sven-lehnert.de
Wed Apr 3 12:18:13 UTC 2013

good morning theme reviewers,

in our review of the x2 theme the reviewer wrote the following:

No Post Title: This Post has no Post Title, but must still display a link
to the single-page Post view.

I personally have a problem with it and would like to discuss it here.

If a user decide to have no title, its fine to have a (no title) in the
WordPress backend.

But from a design point of view, I think we should not write something like
this in the frontend.

If I delete a title or do not want my article to have one, I would be very
disappointed if there is a (no title) as title in the frontend, also I
don't want like to see a number taken from the slug....

I would expect simply no title.

The reviewer asks to have a way to link to the article, if there is no
title. But I feel this is something, the user should think about, as there
could be cases where the user doesn't want to have this particular post
linked to the post single view.

any thougts on this would be appreciated.

Thanks, Sven
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