[theme-reviewers] Accessible theme issues

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 23:55:49 UTC 2012

I should clarify real quick because you misunderstood.

I thought the inclusion of the word "heavy" would be enough to illustrate
what I thought would be a given (basically over-the-top is what I meant). I
speak in a generalized fashion to encompass a whole body of thought and
perspectives, so everything I'm saying isn't necessarily directed at anyone
or any one thing, it's to cover more ground than that. I certainly don't
want to perpetuate the misconception of not being able to use creative
elements whilst still having an accessible site either (that's asinine).

Certainly, you can still use creative graphics/slideshows/videos, jQuery,
even Flash (I personally hate Flash though), if optimized and implemented
correctly and still have a user-friendly site, IF you know how to do that.
My point was that many people do not know how to do that, they just want to
make a cool theme (as best they can adhering to the current requirements -
which is already too difficult for most - most people don't get their theme
approved at least in my experience and if they do it takes several rounds
of revisions) and submit it. I only meant requiring a whole new set of
functional accessibility elements would hurt creativity in *that* sense
(because too many people just wouldn't be able to do it). And for
reviewers, it just sounds like a nightmare. Again, that's just a response
to that idea in general.

It just seems too difficult in my eyes to implement anything official on
this in any capacity, though I think your ideas are good, which is why I
think you should do something yourself unofficially either way. A
compelling article would be good, have you submitted this idea officially
here (not entirely sure if that would be appropriate):


Anyways, the subject is "Accessible theme issues" and that's what we're
discussing. There's no need to have a side conversation. There are all
sorts of conversations started in this group, plenty that I have no
interest in and I just delete as will anyone who's not interested in the
subject at hand. I know a lot of people are subscribed just so they can
read up on the latest and never even respond to anything as well. Anyone on
an email list should understand that or unsubscribe. It's all good.

I hope I've made myself clear on my opinions and I'm happy to exit the
discussion now if we're all understood and on the same page of what we mean
and let you wait for a more authoritative response, hopefully from an admin
if one hasn't responded yet.

Thanks, Bryan

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