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Although the idea of addressing "accessibility" has its merits, the Theme
Review Team has no access to add, delete, or modify tags a theme author
chooses to use. The WPTRT reviewers should expect to validate the tags
applied are correct, but on their own it would be a tough call to
not-approve on a theme tag error by itself.


On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 4:01 PM, Joe Dolson <design at joedolson.com> wrote:

> So, this is my first post to the theme-reviewers list, so I hope I'm
> proposing this in the best possible place.
> I've been in a number of discussions with people in the Accessibility
> and the WordPress communities about the need to improve accessibility
> in WordPress themes -- or, more specifically, improve the ability to
> locate accessible WordPress themes which have had vetting beyond an
> authorial claim of accessibility.
> I know that the theme review team hardly has the time to review what
> they already do, let alone add an accessibility review -- and as much
> as I'd like it, I don't think that we're ready to impose accessibility
> as a requirement in order to publish a theme -- it wouldn't be
> practical or realistic.
> I'd like to propose a way to improve the ability to find quality
> themes by establishing a team, working to a standard set of
> guidelines, which could review themes in the theme repository after
> they have been approved. This team would have the mission of assigning
> or removing accessibility related tags from themes.
> This review team, tasked with identifying and labeling accessible
> themes, would create an imposition that the 'accessible' tag and
> related tags would be controlled. Authors could self label as
> accessible, but if it didn't meet review, the tag could be removed.
> At least at this early stage, it could be a pretty straightforward triage:
> 1) If theme tagged with accessible, a11y, wcag, etc. it gets a review to
> verify
> 2) Popular themes should be reviewed.
> 3) Other themes could be reviewed as time allowed or by request.
> I would be happy to head up the process of establishing guidelines for
> reviewing themes and participate in the review and tagging of themes
> -- or to provide expert assistance to anybody else who wanted to take
> this on.
> Obviously, this is largely my own concept, and can and should be
> modified to best fit the WordPress theme review workflow; which I'll
> admit to being more than a little ignorant about.
> I don't want to create a substantial burden on either theme developers
> or reviewers, but any incremental progress in improving the ability to
> identify accessible WordPress themes in a consistent manner would be
> wonderful.
> Best,
> Joe Dolson
> (Accessibility consultant and WordPress plug-in developer)
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