[theme-reviewers] Congratulations to Atahualpa...

Bryan Hadaway bhadaway at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 04:45:31 UTC 2012

*@Otto* - Gotcha, sort of "*Most Popular this Week*" scenario.

*@Philip* - That can actually be said of most themes except the bundling
with hosting aspect (which is huge of course). But, yeah it would be
impossible to show a download count vs actual unique websites using the
theme currently count. Clearly to get those sort of numbers would involve a
tracking script that comes with WP that most people including myself would
consider a privacy violation.

It's definitely safe to say any download count should be cut down at least
50-75% to be a bit closer to an actual use count considering some people
will download multiple times and of course others download just to test and
never use again etc etc. Still, a million downloads is a cool feat.

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