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Wed Oct 24 21:06:28 UTC 2012

thing. Therefore, a "theme shop" should have more than one theme.

Look, I could make a paid-theme and sell it too, but that wouldn't
make me a "theme shop". The commercial list is something that should
list the best places to buy themes, and if you're only selling one,
then it could be a sort of a fly-by-night affair. IMO, of course, but
what's to stop you from just shutting down tomorrow? And then .org has
referred people to you and so those users are out in the cold and so
forth. We've rejected places that had more than one theme too, just
because they were brand-new (like, less than a week old). The page
isn't intended to list *everybody*.

I just think that that page should list people that we reasonably
expect will be around for quite a while. One theme doesn't inspire
that sort of confidence, to me. Just my opinion, of course.

If there is a clarification of the rules, I'll let you know and we'll
post it and such. The question has been raised to the correct people.


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