[theme-reviewers] Github as Theme URI?

Kirk Wight kwight at kwight.ca
Tue Oct 23 13:39:03 UTC 2012

There was a discussion in Feb about using GitHub repo pages for theme
URIs; consensus was it's fine, summed up by Chip (sorry, can't seem to find
the online archive):

"I think that's acceptable, provided that the link is a specific repository
for the Theme itself, rather than the developer's GitHub profile itself."

Re: GPL version, I understand a version number must be specified, as there
are differences between v2 and v3 – someone else can chime in if I'm wrong.

On 23 October 2012 07:29, ethan anwar <ethananwar at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I'm reviewing a theme that uses a github page as the Theme URI in
> style.css. This is the page: https://github.com/pfefferle/SemPress . It
> is the theme's github page but I don't know if this meets the guidelines
> requirements.
> Also the license is  "GNU General Public License" with no version number
> included. Is that acceptable?
> Thanks a lot.
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