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Mon Oct 8 18:38:55 UTC 2012

*Hola Theme Review Mailing List Members,*

I've been creating a boilerplate for authors to use when submitting to the
theme repository based on the recs via Codex and Theme Review Guidelines.
I'm trying to tackle many of the issues that the guidelines suggest and
would appreciate it if someone could help me take this further by reviewing
my boilerplate in order for me to build this up to the required specs.

The boilerplate has been run through *ThemeUnitTest.xml*, *WP_DEBUG*, *Theme
Check,* *DeBogger* and *Log Deprecated Notices.* The theme is kinda a
double edge sword as I'm also trying to keep it maintained for other
Authors that don't necessarily wanna build a theme for submission.

*Theme Check Results:
> *Now your theme has passed the basic tests you need to check it properly
> using the test data before you upload to the WordPress Themes Directory.*
> ***

> *WP_DEBUG Results
> *No Errors found

It appears there's broken markup and objects in the theme unit test data (
the gallery, the
and the
boat and ribs pic - my test data was updated manually for those assets ).
The last update to
the theme unit test<http://wpthemetestdata.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/hayseedrag-thedizzytrio_vbr1.mp3>was
January 17, 2011. Where
does an updated version exist these days?
As far as the boilerplate is concerned, I'm Looking for areas that might
need to be removed / adjusted / added within the code and structure so I
can fix and note these items / tasks on the repo's
Github wiki page. Other areas could also include some functionality that
you as theme review members see missing from many authors that are
submitting their theme.



Thank you for taking the time to read over this e-mail and I hope to work
in conjunction with a theme reviewer to help make this a great starting
point for theme submission authors. If I have missed any areas in my
message please let me know and I'd be happy to help fill the gaps.

Dennis Gaebel
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