[theme-reviewers] Accessibility Auditing of themes progress

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Mon Nov 12 15:42:32 UTC 2012

on 07/11/2012 23:40 Joe Dolson said the following:

> I'm proposing that the tag value should be 'accessibility-ready', as
> that, in my mind, best conveys the honest truth about a theme: that it
> can do everything in its power to be accessible, but cannot guarantee
> an accessible web site.

I've updated the draft audit criteria page to incorporate the new tag.

Point #3 (from Chip's original list of steps):

"Identify accessibility guidelines that can be evaluated 
programmatically via Theme-Check where possible"

Can the theme submission checks be extended to include looking for:

- image markup that lacks the alt attribute?
- empty links
- tabindex attributes
- accesskey attributes

All of the above should result in immediate rejection when the theme's 
stylesheet also includes the 'accessibility-ready' tag - possibly with a 
suggestion that the accessibility audit criteria are reviewed or that 
the 'accessibility-ready' tag is removed.

I can't think of any other audit points that could be screened 


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