[theme-reviewers] Accessibility Auditing of themes progress

Joe Dolson design at joedolson.com
Wed Nov 7 23:40:06 UTC 2012

Hi, all -

We've had some helpful feedback on the theme audit criteria for using
an accessibility-ready tag; it's time to work on moving to the next

I'm proposing that the tag value should be 'accessibility-ready', as
that, in my mind, best conveys the honest truth about a theme: that it
can do everything in its power to be accessible, but cannot guarantee
an accessible web site.

Can we reach an agreement on this, so we can move forward on the next steps?


Review: Chip's steps to implementation:
1) Clearly defined requirements, ideally listed somewhere in the Codex
2) Updated Tag Filter
3) Identify accessibility guidelines that can be evaluated
programmatically via Theme-Check where possible
4) Identify accessibility guidelines that can be incorporated into the
Theme Unit Test Data where possible
5) Identify accessibility guidelines that can only be verified by a live person
6) Set up Theme-Trac workflow to shunt Themes using the Accessibility
tags into a separate queue
7) Volunteers to review Themes in the Accessibility queue in Theme-Trac

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 8:59 AM, esmi at quirm dot net <esmi at quirm.net> wrote:
> on 24/10/2012 00:54 Kirk Wight said the following:
>> Can you post an example/download of a theme that would meet all of these
>> requirements, if you know of one? I have a hard time imagining how various
>> sections would be implemented (Link Text, Keyboard Navigation and Skip
>> Links are my first questions marks). Seeing actual code would really help
>> imagining the work that would be involved in reviewing a theme of this
>> nature.
> Have a look at <http://blackwidows.co.uk/clients/wp/>
> That's the ZenLite theme using the standard theme unit test data.
> Or <http://edemo.quirm.net/> which is actually a demo/testing install for
> the eShop plugin.
> If you want to pull a theme apart locally,
> <http://quirm.net/themes/billposter/> is an interesting one as the unique
> part of the read more link is moved offscreen in graphical browsers to
> reduce screen clutter.
> Then of course there's <http://quirm.net/>. I'm not absolutely guaranteeing
> that all of my themes meet all of the guidelines but I am saying they darn
> well should do. So if you notice a problem, do let me know. :-)
> What I think we do need to get across is that accessible themes don't have
> to be boring. They can still be graphically rich and aesthetically pleasing.
> Mel
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