[theme-reviewers] jQuery

esmi at quirm dot net esmi at quirm.net
Wed May 30 12:58:17 UTC 2012

Whatever happened to 

There's nothing in the Guidelines about it (as far as I can see): 

I'm interested as I've just spent a significant number of hours trying 
to debug an eShop site for another developer. Eventually narrowed it 
down to the theme (commercial, advertised as "Wordpress 3.3 Ready" & 
unnamed to protect the guilty). Got a copy of the theme and started 
going through it.

It was de-registering core jquery in favour of a bundled version of 
jQuery 1.6!

What did surprise me was that the Theme Checker plugin did not pick up 
on wp_deregister_script('jquery') in functions.php.

Is that intentional?


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