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Chip Bennett chip at chipbennett.net
Fri May 4 13:04:27 UTC 2012

I've fixed this one in the Guidelines:

As Emil noted: this is a criterion we've been enforcing, so (as Cais
indicated), it *should* be in the Guidelines, for clarity. I moved the
internationalization/translation bet from "Theme Features" into "Language",
in the "Presentation vs. Functionality" section. Hope this is more clear



On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 7:54 AM, Emil Uzelac <emil at themeid.com> wrote:

> How can you say that? For instance having a style.css description in any
> other language but English is no accepted and it is not in Theme NOT in
> guidelines!
> Emil
> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 7:13 AM, Edward Caissie <edward.caissie at gmail.com>wrote:
>> For any particular item to be "not accepted" it MUST be stated as such in
>> the guidelines, no matter if it is "inline styles" or any other item of
>> note.
>> Cais.
>> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 6:54 AM, Emil Uzelac <emil at themeid.com> wrote:
>>> I don't think that you guys understand few things here, so let me
>>> explain:
>>> We're not discussing if this is something we're going to put into Theme
>>> Review guidelines or not, inline styles are already not accepted and this
>>> is not yes/no discussion here.
>>> You're also not understanding what it means if we really put this in
>>> Theme Review and let me explain how many will understand "recommended only"
>>> "Hey, by the law you are recommended to be 21+ to drink, but no you're
>>> not required to be 21+ to drink alcohol" that's what would happen if we do
>>> "recommended only" Do you have any idea how many will actually be as one of
>>> you and truly follow the recommendations?
>>> Matt Mullenweg said once "WordPress Repository is not the place for all
>>> Themes, it's the place for best Themes" (don't quote me literally).
>>> There's also a difference between a minimum standard and required or
>>> recommended, please make a note of that.
>>> Just to repeat, *inline styles are not accepted for a longer time*, my
>>> e-mail was for Theme Reviewers and *merely as reminde*r of some "*missed
>>> in reviews items*",* not a message that this was something new and I
>>> wanted everyone to know about it.* We don't need to discuss if they're
>>> going to be required or recommended, I don't think that we need to do
>>> either, unless this becomes something authors do often than we would most
>>> likely put this into guidelines and make it required. Sayontan
>>> translated this as an "attack" on Theme developers and no it wasn't, not at
>>> all.
>>> *Now that we got attention from some, let's join the WPTRT and help us
>>> with some reviews, wasted energy if much more helpful there than here :)
>>> WordPress contribution doesn't stop by releasing a Theme or two, it's not a
>>> product, it's a continuing process.*
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *P.S. And BTW for "regex" I am not "killing" anything but what I needed
>>> to do. Styles are removed from inline to external (added back in via
>>> style.css)*
>>> *
>>> *
>>> *
>>> /* =Gallery
>>> -------------------------------------------------------------- */
>>> .gallery {
>>> margin:0 auto 18px;
>>> }
>>> .gallery .gallery-item {
>>> float:left;
>>>  margin-top:0;
>>> text-align:center;
>>> width:155px;
>>> }
>>> .gallery img {
>>> border:1px solid #ddd;
>>> }
>>> .gallery .gallery-caption {
>>> font-size:12px;
>>>  margin:0 0 12px;
>>> }
>>> .gallery dl {
>>> margin:0;
>>>  }
>>> .gallery br+br {
>>> display:none;
>>> }
>>> *
>>> Thanks,
>>> Emil
>>> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 3:46 AM, Syahir Hakim <khairulsyahir at gmail.com>wrote:
>>>>  I do agree that inline styles are definitely not best practice, but
>>>> as Sayontan has pointed out there are certain valid use cases with them. Of
>>>> course, we don't want theme developers to litter the bulk of their codes
>>>> with inline styles, but enforcing them as required would be nitpicking on
>>>> little things that would not bring significant benefits. It will only add
>>>> another barrier of entry to new theme developers looking to contribute to
>>>> the repository, and dump additional work on existing developers who are
>>>> already stretching their time contributing to the repository. This is
>>>> especially when the majority of theme users will not even notice a
>>>> difference to their user experience as a result of this change. Inline
>>>> styles are easily overridden by using !important, anyways.
>>>> I would agree with it being recommended rather than required. That way
>>>> theme developers who are using inline styles can gradually update their
>>>> codes to get rid of most of the inline styles. Guidelines should be that -
>>>> guidelines. Every new item being enforced as required will add additional
>>>> work to existing developers, and additional barrier of entry to new
>>>> developers. Everything comes at a cost, and for this case I do not think
>>>> the benefits outweigh the costs.
>>>> --
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Syahir Hakim
>>>> On 4/05/2012 8:15 p.m., Greg Priday wrote:
>>>> I feel there's a certain spirit of WordPress that makes the community
>>>> great and has helped it thrive.
>>>> There's nothing inherently wrong with using the style attribute here
>>>> and there, but I do feel it goes against this spirit. I'm sure most
>>>> WordPress developers will agree that using the style attribute just
>>>> doesn't feel right. To me, it just looks plain ugly - I dont even like
>>>> using them during development.
>>>> On the other hand, as a once-OO developer, I used to hate WordPress'
>>>> use of global variables all willy nilly. It's part of the spirit of
>>>> WordPress though, so I've learned to embrace, and even appreciate,
>>>> globals. So I definitely understand your views Sayontan. The spirit of
>>>> WordPress can sometimes be confusing, dogmatic, etc - but it's usually
>>>> for the best.
>>>> Time to get back to work. I'm sure we all have awesome stuff to build.
>>>> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 10:01 AM, Sayontan Sinha <sayontan at gmail.com> <sayontan at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>  Do we need to continue our "discussion" ? ;)
>>>>  By all means go ahead. As I said, your links give examples of repeated
>>>> styles, which I am not disputing. As I pointed out in my previous post, for
>>>> a style used only once, an inline style is less bloat, akin to the Hello
>>>> World patterns example. (I had a much longer text written about repeated vs.
>>>> non-repeated styles in one of my prior posts, but I deleted it because I
>>>> wanted to shorten the mail)
>>>> Anyway, I don't believe I am going to convince or be convinced, so this is
>>>> the end of my contribution to this thread. Feel free to thrust this as a
>>>> "REQUIRED" item for theme approval if you feel that is the best recourse. I
>>>> still believe that enforcing "No inline styles" is dogmatic and without
>>>> appropriate technical merit, but I am probably in a minority of 1.
>>>> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 12:40 AM, Emil Uzelac <emil at themeid.com> <emil at themeid.com> wrote:
>>>>  And to add and possibly finish this
>>>> up: http://www.websiteoptimization.com/secrets/web-page/replace-inline-style.html
>>>> was published in http://www.amazon.com/dp/0596515081/?tag=websiteoptimi-20
>>>> as well ;) Do we need to continue our "discussion" ? ;)
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Emil
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