[theme-reviewers] WordPress Theme for Gold Duke Of Edinburgh's Award.

Benjamin Howe ben at beh.me.uk
Fri May 4 10:33:28 UTC 2012

Hi Guys,

For my "Skills" section of my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award, would anyone
(ideally somebody based in the UK) be willing to sign my "Skills" section
off if I chose to develop a WordPress theme?

Basically, what you would have to do is look at my work and decide if it
would take a 16-25-year-old 27 or 54 hours (I haven't decided which route
I'm going to do yet) to "do" (write, support end-users, etc). I would then
either email or post you some paperwork, write a short (~100 words)
comment, and sign it, before emailing / posting it back.

I plan on writing this theme regardless (I'm not going to abandon it after
completing Gold!), but if I could have it signed off for my D of E that
would be ideal, as it would mean I would be killing two birds with one
stone, as such (writing a wordpress theme, and completing my "skills")

Many thanks,

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