[theme-reviewers] Why the double standards and why Pagelines gets special treatment?

Satish Gandham satish.iitg at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 20:34:44 UTC 2012

@*Simon Prosser

*****The only issue was the menu, permission was asked****

Why is a top level needed for the theme? How not having a top level
menu will is gonna affect any of the features in the theme?

What about the exceptions on the fav icon, the default site logo and
your logo in footer?

What about the exception for having images hot linked.

They are all ****** Required rules ***** and not recommended

Also, the shop script is not necessary for any of the functions of the
theme that a theme user would be interested in, then why bundle it
with the theme?

*****Points from theme review

   - Themes are *required* to include within the Theme all images, scripts,
   and other bundled resources. Such resources *must not* be "hotlinked"
   from a third-party site.
   - Themes are *recommended not* to implement custom favicon
   functionality. If implemented, favicon functionality is *required* to be
   opt-in, and disabled by default.
   - Themes are *required* to use the *add_theme_page()* function to add
   the Theme Settings Page to the *Appearance* menu, rather than using *
   add_menu_page()* to add a top-level menu.
   - Themes are *required* to save options in a single array, rather than
   create multiple options for its settings page. Use of set_theme_mod and
   get_theme_mod handles this for you, as does using the Settings API.
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