[theme-reviewers] PHP Memory Limits?

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 00:25:54 UTC 2012

Dion Hulse wrote:

> Unfortunately, out of memory issues can't be caught from within PHP.
> WordPress does attempt to increase the default memory limit to 32M for
> single sites, and 64M for multisite (I believe), while more intensive
> things such as upgrades and image manipulation increases it to 256M.

Thanks - I feared as much.

Seems there are two problems here - the default WP_MEMORY_LIMIT
of 32MB, which seems should be increased for 3.4, and stingy shared
hosts that set a physical limit of 32MB.

I will propose increasing the WP 32MB limit elsewhere, but theme
related: Would it be appropriate for a theme that knows it has issues
at 32MB to try to bump the memory limit itself, or is that really out
of the scope of what a theme should be doing?

Bruce Wampler
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