[theme-reviewers] PHP Memory Limits?

Bruce Wampler weavertheme at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 23:12:45 UTC 2012

Hey group -

My theme, Weaver II, has a big admin interface. Recently, a few of my users
that also seem to use a fair number of other plugins, as well, seem to be
encountering PHP out-of-memory errors (seems to be at 32Meg PHP mem limit,
which seems fairly common on shared hosts). While my interface is big, it
isn't that much bigger than it was 3 or 4 months ago, so it seems to me
there could be a slow overall memory usage creep happening with WP and
other plugins.

Unfortunately, out-of-memory doesn't seem to be caught anywhere in WP, so
the users end up with a white screen.

Upping the memory limit to 48M or 64M consistently fixes the issue.

Just wonder if my theme is hitting a wall a bit ahead of others, or if
anyone else has encountered this specific problem. Just seems that if true,
there could be some dark clouds on the horizon.

Bruce Wampler
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